Czechs in the City: The Czech-American Experience in Cleveland

Second Joint Class with the Project Management Students | August 24, 2009

The Project Management and Keeping It In Czech classes met again to review the project portfolios, which included the draft task schedules and risk assessments for the proposed events coinciding with the 2010 public history exhibition. The class broke into groups with one Historic Preservation representative paired with two or three project management representatives to review each event. One group covered Artifact Workshop and Guest Lecture Series. The other reviewed Cultural Dinner, Fashion Show, Czech Hop.

For the artifact workshop, our group decided that a demonstration for conserving household objects and family heirlooms would be the most feasible option for offering an educational event.  In the hopes that the Inter-museum Conservation Association will help us host the event, we will be able to present different workshops that center on the conservation of objects, paper, photographs, and textiles. In addition, we designated the appropriate tasks to the student body, grad students, and faculty.  During the Guest Lecture Series discussion, we had to concentrate more on particular issues concerning audience and accommodating the speakers.  For the lecture series we also assigned tasks to the appropriate people ranging from the initial contact with the speaker to the tasks during the actual event.  This included invitees, venue, marketing, logistics, etc.  Though the speakers are not yet confirmed, we have two well known historians in the Cleveland area who are interested in these events.


I was paired with the PM students who worked out the activities and tasks relevant to the Cultural Dinner, Fashion Show, Czech Hop. Where each activity has different agendas, the tasks and processes for achieving each end result were similar. All involved identifying committees, locations, budgets, marketing, staff, decorations, etc. The exercise illustrated the importance of identifying all of the details that will facilitate the project, processing them in an orderly fashion and starting to realize the order and flow of tasks. It also stressed how communication between the different college departments and external contacts will make or break the event. Event planning also comes with the responsibility of recognizing the risks at hand and managing the effects of Murphy’s Law. Being cognizant of these risks affords a plan “B”. Our group session was productive and produced a great head start on how and where to get started.

~ Mary


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