Czechs in the City: The Czech-American Experience in Cleveland

Maltz Museum | May 6, 2009


Pete and Dylan explore the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

Pete and Dylan explore the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

This semester in our Czech History course we traveled to the Maltz Museum. The Maltz Museum is a perfect example for what Ursuline’s Czech Exhibit should be like.


The Maltz Museum expresses courage and achievements of Cleveland’s Jewish community. Stories of the past and present of individuals and families were used throughout the exhibit.

A couple weeks ago our class went to the Western Reserve Historical Society’s Library in order to make an inventory of possible information to be used for our Czech exhibit. The Historical Society had photographs of Taborville, manuscripts, cultural clothing, and so forth. Like the Maltz Exhibit, the Czech exhibit should contain inter-actives and films, oral histories, photographs and artifacts. Western Reserve Historical Society was a major contributor to the Maltz Exhibits and we hope to use their collection for our research as well.

The Maltz exhibit went through the beginning of Jewish immigration from Europe. There was a video to start off the tour, and then the artifacts were displayed. The exhibit showed the life of Jews in Cleveland. There were artifacts from different jobs that were held, such as a writer, drug store owner, soldier, metal worker, and so forth. Everything was encased behind plexiglass. There was a separate section dedicated to religion. Early Czech Clevelanders were religious and for the most part still probably are. Church life for a Czech Clevelander should be shown some where in the exhibit.

The Maltz Museum is a great example of displaying a culture. If you have never been there, I would recommend going.


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