Czechs in the City: The Czech-American Experience in Cleveland

The Czechs of Cleveland | April 14, 2009

The Czechs of Cleveland is a brief history of the Czech immigrants living in Cleveland from 1850 to 1919. The book was published in 1920 by Eleanor M. Ledbetter who was a librarian at the Broadway Branch library in Cleveland, Ohio. The library is now also used as a music and performing arts center.

broadway_exteriorView in 1906.

Ledbetter broke down categories such as organizations, clubs, publications, churches and libraries as well as street locations which gives us a great understanding of where the Czechs were at one time in history. One library given as an example was the Broadway branch which was heavily dominated by Czech patrons. This allows us a special view of the Czech people and understanding because the author herself was deeply immersed in the culture. This allowed the author unlimited access to resources.

This book is fairly rare, but I would highly suggest this book to anyone interested in the Czechs in respect to Cleveland,Ohio.This is a wonderful introduction for future generations who want to learn about Czech immigration into Cleveland, Ohio.

Ledbetter, Eleanor M. The Czechs of Cleveland. Americanization Committee, Mayor’s Advisory War Committee, 1919.


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I am part of the Ursuline College Historic Preservation program ( Class HIP 588 Czech your public history). Our blog entries are for the purpose of educating ourselves, and others about the Czech culture and history in the Cleveland, Ohio area. In 2010 we will be hosting an art gallery and historic display of Czech culture at Ursuline College. We hope you will join us in our future endeavors.







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