Czechs in the City: The Czech-American Experience in Cleveland

Bohemian National Hall tour and lecture | March 25, 2009

Czech  Your Public History Class at Bohemian National Hall, Cleveland

Czech Your Public History Class at Bohemian National Hall, Cleveland

The Historic Preservation program at Ursuline College: Czech Your Public History class was fortunate to have tour of the Bohemian National Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Stephen Sebesta had prepared a wonderful lecture to educate us in Czech history.

Do to difficulties, please view the video here:

The hall was dedicated in 1887. The hall was built for use by several Czech societies and eventually began to teach classes the Bohemian language after the 20th century.

The building is a museum and educational center. A new state-of-the-art gymnastic facility is also connected to the hall.

The museum offers a trip back in time with many wonderful Czech artifacts. This includes period dress, posters, and art.There is an opera hall/ gymnasium and a museum store.

The hall was placed on the national registrar of historic places 1977 and is a wonderful place to visit. The plans for the future seem bright, as Dr. Sebesta and the staff are continuing to preserve and educate the public in Czech history.

We were honored to be educated.

For more information concerning Ursuline College’s 2010 Czech Art exhibit, and our historic display, please visit



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I am part of the Ursuline College Historic Preservation program ( Class HIP 588 Czech your public history). Our blog entries are for the purpose of educating ourselves, and others about the Czech culture and history in the Cleveland, Ohio area. In 2010 we will be hosting an art gallery and historic display of Czech culture at Ursuline College. We hope you will join us in our future endeavors.







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