Czechs in the City: The Czech-American Experience in Cleveland

Summary of Class Minutes 2.18.09 | February 22, 2009

The following is a copy of our Class Minutes from 2.18.09. We took the opportunity to discuss event possibilities for opening night and reoccurring themes to support our public history exhibition.

February 18, 2009

Ursuline Campus Pilla 105

Brainstorming Session


A. Exploring Czech Culture and Making it Accessible to the Community

1.       Concert:


          Local band? Euclid High School band?

2.       Polka

          Hall of Fame in Euclid



          Mary O’s family connection/ accordion player friend

3.       Cultural Dinner – Opening Night

          Beef goulash

          Start with Soup: potato, garlic, chicken, beef &liver dumplings, sauerkraut,

          Sides: potatoes, fries, rice, breaded dumplings

          Desserts: crapes, honey cake (medovnik), blueberry dumplings, apple strudel, ice cream sundae

          Chicken and pork, beef served with sauce (omacka), trout, cod, carp on Christmas Eve

          Beer – served with all meals; Czechvar

          Martas: catering, advice, props?

          Sell tickets

4.       Fashion:

          Swarovski crystals: contact local jewelers for “donation/display”

          Fashion show: exhibit on clothing vs. selling

          First person interpretation/dressed mingling with guests

5.       Gymnastics:

          Sokol – gymnastics: floor show presentation

          Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City:  Vera Caslavska

6.       Guests

          Holy Rosary Church: Italian Vice Council

          Ambassador visit


          Sokol Community Center

          Domink Hasek – Red Wings/Czech Historian


7.       Expatriate Radio

          See External Link on ex-pat’s for contact

8.       Bohemian National Hall

          12 week language class – abridged version for presentation

9.       Commemorate Czech Churches

10.   Presentation of Culture


o   Pilla displays polka

o   Library displays literature

o   Directional plaques to lead to next area

          Map designed to resemble Czech Republic and explore exhibits

11.   Introduction Lecture

          McVay/Wright tag-team presentation

          Event in Theater, tape it, show it at dinner

          Key Note Speakers

12.   Czech Hop

          Highlight vendors, merchants, cultural gardens, communities

          Lolly the Trolley

          “Silver Bullet”

13.   Czech Movies: Link posted on Discussion Board

14.   Dates/Holidays

           April 30 Burning of the Witches*

            Dec. 5 2009 St. Nicks Day*

           Nov 17th 2009 Freedom and Democracy*

           Oct. 28 2009 Establishment of Czech-Slovak Republic / Independence Day*

           Sept. 28 2009 Czech Statehood Day*

19.   Czech-Jewish population – connect to Maltz with exhibit (Czech Hop)

20.   Czech Proverbs: translation

21.   Folklore Exhibit in Library

          Storyteller, puppeteer

22.   Tents, staging, dance floor (if needed) for outside, dancing, presentation events


*Dates may be different in 2010




1.       When to go “public”?

a.       Marketing

b.      Making contacts

2.       How to delegate?

3.       How to balance expectations of all shareholders?


Organizational Strategy (Jobs/Teams)



February 25 – Dinner at Marta’s – Discuss Literature Reviews

March 4 – Spring Break

March 11 – TBD

March 15 – Cultural Landscapes – Split Class Visits

o   March 15 2:00 PM  – Little Bohemia: Dr. McVay, Jason, Jessica, Amy, Amy, Peter, Tahnee

o   March 15 10:00 AM – Taborville: Dr. Stith,  Dylan, Chrissy, Cassidy, Emily, Mary, Chris, Jennifer

Items TBD:

          Bohemian National Hall

          Guest Visits


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