Czechs in the City: The Czech-American Experience in Cleveland

Hello, my name is Dr. Bari Oyler Stith | February 12, 2009

I am one of the instructors of a new Historic Preservation/History/Liberal Studies class, called Czech Your Public History,  at Ursuline College.    This blog will track our progress as we research the Czech American experience in Greater Cleveland and plan a public history exhibit and programming.  The exhibit is scheduled to debut in October 2010 so please continue to check (Czech?) our blogs to watch our planning process, find out where our field and research trips have taken us, and submit ideas for our class members to consider.  This is a community project so we hope that you, our community, will participate in our discussions.


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About author

Dr. Bari Oyler Stith is the Director of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio. She team teaches the new Czech Your Public History course with Dr. Pamela McVay, Chair of the History Department.







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